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Impact 85


We weren't looking to make a ram purchase this year, but saw 85 on Impact Hamps consignment and were intrigued. When we got him home in March, it was like no regrets. After shearing him in April it was like, Major Stud Ram Alert. Watching him develop over the summer, it's like Sheep aren't suppose to be made like him. His hip is as big and square as I've ever seen, and his lower ass is as deep, massive and shapley as you can find. His chest floor in relation to his flank is crazy good, plus his top is massive and grooved up from his rooter to his tooter. His bone is big, his movement doesn't have a flaw, and he's very wooley and Hamp appearing. His pedigree is stellar and he has a good flush mate at Impact, infact Brian and Calvin say that whole flush is simply unbelievable. Thanks Impact for offering this great ram.


Hancock 0231


This is an April Buck Lamb we kept last year out of Chrome. His mother is sired by a Wheaton Buck we used a few years back and out of a Strong Arm Daughter. 231 was crazy cool as a buck lamb and has matured into a beautiful ram. I'm proud and excited to have this guy standing in my Buck Barn.


"Guns Up"

Rockin C 9125
Hot Rod X Woodshed

Thanks to Rockin C for sending us "Guns Up" as part of the "Spiffy" trade last year. After seeing his babies and watching him develop, we purchased him. We feel "Guns Up" will be an intricate part of our breeding program moving forward.

Video Link- Click Here>


"Red Pony"

Collusion X Woodshed

Special thanks to Wade Franklin for selling us half ownership into this great Stud Prospect. He's sired by Collusion and his mother is claiming her spot as one of Wade's elite stud ewes. She is also a twin sister to Hudson's Champion Hamp wether at Louisville in 2016. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video minimizes the need to say anything except, " Enjoy the video."

Video Link- Click Here>
Video Link 2 - Click Here>



Franklin 7031 "Chrome"

Fire Away x Woodshed x Trophy Hunters Mother

Thanks to Clem's and Franklin for working with us to buy Clem's half of this great ram. I fell in love with Chrome when i saw him as a lamb at Franklin's in May of 2017. He is a Beast!

Miller- BK661

Republic x Maker

We bought 661 out of Millers spring production sale in 2018. We cleaned up with him. He did us a dang good job. Our second most used ram this year.


Hancock 8201

Sire: Rapid Fire
Dam: Hancock 6035 ( Buck Naked X Strong Arm)
Born: 3-28-18


Hancock 8181
Sire: Rapid Fire
Dam: Hancock 6208 (Al Capone X Rock On)
Born: 3-14-18

Introducing Rapid Fire!

Fire Away appears to be one of the more prepotent and transcendent rams to come along in some time. His untimely death was way too early and before his true value was established. We feel fortunate to have purchased one of his sons, from his only lamb crop. A huge thanks to Wade for the opportunity. We take great pride in introducing "Rapid Fire."
Sire: Fire Away
Dam: Trunk
owned in partnership with: Wade Franklin

Introducing Spiffy!

Sire: Centerfold x Trophy Hunter RRNN
Bred by Wade Franklin
Owned with Rockin' C


Hancock 6180

Hancock 6180 is sired by Strong Arm and out of a Buck Naked x Rock On
daughter.  He is what we envisioned with this cross.

Introducing - Oh My!

Hancock 6160 - Full brother to My Goodness


Photos above show him at 6 1/2 months old


Photos above show him at 2-1/2 weeks old
We know the photo quality isn't the best, but we were excited to show him to you!

Joe Harrell bred (Al Capone)
Solution × Player

Hancock 5200
Buck Naked × Rock of Ages

My Goodness
Buck Naked × Strong Arm ewe lamb
Born March 11th


Imprint (Hancock 4111) RRNN
Strong Arm x Rock On

We would like to introduce "Imprint" he is a Strong Arm son out of a Rock On ewe. I believe this one has the most true width from the ground up as any sheep I have ever evaluated. He is ultra stout in his bone work and that transitions all the way to the top side of his skeleton. Imprint is the definition of thick made, but without giving up that show ring look. We expect him to "Imprint" his off spring with crazy terminal muscle shape while keeping them opened up in there skeleton with that look we are all after. We believe this one will not only impact our program but make a "Imprint" that will not be forgotten. Owned with Bar None Livestock

May Buck (Hancock 3262) RR
Ellerbrock Buck x Hancock 2162

Buck Naked (Miller 3252) QR
Miller 240 x Masterpiece Daughter (mother of Mercy & Mosey at Miller Hampshires)

This buck is super stout, super wide, super balanced and super smooth.

Purchased from Miller Hampshires.

Hancock 3221
Bedrock x Cocky Rocky

A mid-march ram out of a ewe lamb!

Strong Arm
White Rock x Trunk – Rupp traces back to both sides of the pedigree!!

Owned with Rockin C Club Lambs & Franklin Show Lambs

Bedrock (Rocking C 2066)

Windfall x (28 x Protocol)

Linebred 31, 411 & Stopwatch, which are the foundations to our program.

Owned with Rocking C Club Lambs, TX

Hancock 2081

Essential (Authentic x Protocol) x (Leverage x Ultra)

Owned with Teeter Club Lambs, OH 

Allred / Elliot 1086

This Essentric x Leverage, March ram was the first ram I saw at Sedalia. He hit me hard then and hits me harder now. His rib and body are off the charts. Owned with Rocking C.


Out of Emmortal and a Trademark x Broker (E-I) sired ewe. This Supreme Champion Ram was on we felt we couldn't pass up.
Owned with Rocking C.

No Photo

"Cocky Rocky" Hancock 1100

Maybe the soundest and highest quality ram we ever generated when set into motion he simply sparkled. Due to his untimely death we have no photos. Sired by Rock of Ages x Rupp Plus x Leverage. Owned with Harms.

Hancock 9150 - Rock of Ages

Rupp Plus x Ultra/Baron (Full sister to 100 Proof)


Click here to view video!

Rock On Hancock 0125

Co-owned with Sloan Club Lambs (OH)
"Rock On" has grown into a man. We didn't get many babies out of him his first year, but his lambs are developing into the best babies we've ever produced.
Owned with Sloan's.


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  Rupp Plus Leverage  
Hancock 6085
Rock of Ages 9150  
  Full sister to 100 Proof Ultra  
2029 Barron on 31
  Generation Next Cash Son  
Pop Gun Daughter
Hancock 8146  
  Hancock 4151 Leverage  
31 Daughter


Hancock 9172

Sire: Rupp Plus
Dam: Hancock 7127 (100 Proof x Leverage)


Co-Owned with Miller Hamps (Seagraves, TX)

Hancock 9100

Sire: Miller 118 (Mirage)
Dam: Hancock 7178 (Ultra x Leverage)


 Co-owned with Cornerview Club Lambs (WI)

"Little Hershel" Hancock 8118


Owned with Barbagelata Club Lambs (CA)

Storm Cat Leverage
Hancock  5031
Hancock 8118
Hancock 7018 Ultra
Hancock 0124

Hancock 7165 "Rupp Plus"

Rupp genetics at its finest. Rupp was a blending of some of the greatest rams to leave the prominent Cabaniss flock, such as 411, 31, Stopwatch, plus a shot of Miller on the bottom side. Rupp bred a total of 23 ewes in his short life and sired three great stud rams: Patent, Barron, Leverage, plus a handful of great ewes. Rams such as CEO, Caprock, Stormcat, Packing Heat, Next Step, Thoroughbred, Fluid, 28, Signature, Just Imagine, Priceless plus several others trace very closely to the Rupp Genetics.
"Rupp Plus" is a blending of the finest Rupp genetics. All females in his pedigree are of the highest quality. 7165 was used very little last year, due to his young age, with the best of results. He is our most used ram for 2009, having 75 ewes directed his way.

  Rupp Hancock 9085 Stopwatch  
Hancock 7012
"Leverage" Allred Elliott 3150  
  Cabaniss Cash  
Rupp Plus Hancock 7165
  Miller "Barron" Rupp  
Hancock 6085  
  Hancock 1015 Rupp  


Hancock 8071

Storm Cat x Schrank 610 (Caesar x Cabaniss 277)

2008 Keeper Ram

Generation Next - Cabaniss 417

Sire: Cash son
Dam: Pop Gun daughter


Purchased at the Cabaniss Production Sale.

"Storm Cat" Hancock 7055

Sire: Leverage
Dam: Ultra


2007 Elite Keeper Buck.
Plan to use as our lead sire for 2008!

"Just Imagine" Hancock 6173

Sire: Ultra
Dam: Focus x Rupp's Full Sister


This one keeps coming front and center, and has a presence that sparkles.  His shallowness, base width, volume of muscle smoothness, and touch makes him unique to the industry.  Rarely can you find an individual that combines these traits into one package like this son of "Ultra".

100 Proof

Hancock 6100
Sire: Ultra
Dam: Hancock 2029 (Barron on 31)


Owned jointly by Wes Davis Club Lambs and All American Club Lambs. Further Proof that all lambs aren't created equal.
Twin to the Mega Buck Grand Champion

Fort Knox

Hancock 5183


Fort Knox processes the tallness of front, sheer size, volume and soundness of bone, balance and design to make him one of the truly unique new sires of 2005. The breeding value of this one is off the charts. Sold half interest to Joe Harrell.


"Fort Knox"
Hancock 5183
  Hancock 0100 Stopwatch

Hancock 6082 31


Hancock 5207

This march Born son of "Ultra" is developing into a truly unique stud prospect. His balance, design, and overall quality make him a welcomed addition to our breeding program. "Goodfellow" is turning heads and making lots of friends.



Hancock 5207
  Hancock 3159 "Yahoo"
Hancock 2033

Hancock 0100 Stopwatch
Hancock 6082 31
Hancock 0125 Miller 29

Hancock 5058 31
Hancock 411


Hancock 5116  RRNN

Pictured At 105 Days Of Age

The most secure ram in his structure, balance and design, we've been able to propagate. "Priceless" is complete in every way, while he generates great excitement with those who see him.

  "Leverage" "Rupp" Stopwatch
Hancock 7012
Cabaniss 01-441
Hancock 5116
  Hancock 9068 Stopwatch

Hancock 5058 31


We thought  you might enjoy appraising these latest pictures of Ultra.  At the time pictures were taken he had serviced well over 100 ewes.  He is unique. Bred by Bruce Achors. Sired by his Cabaniss 118 son and out of a "172" daughter. Ultra's volume and quality of muscle are like no other. His rack is extreme, loin is perfect and his hip is excessive. Ultra's rib is radical, shoulder and neck are symmetrical and his feet and legs are sound. He possesses extreme length from flank to flank and his touch is exaggerated. He is a good one. Thanks to Dave Whitaker for selling us 1/2 interest in "Ultra".


(Cash x 118)

This ram is unequalled in coolness. His outline is truly picturesque. He's tall fronted, neat chested and dynamic in his rib cage. Plus, he's loaded with youthful muscle shape. Timber is one of the unique sheep to ever be used in our flock and we are proud to have him as part of our ram battery.  (Owned jointly with Allred/Elliott).


Bred by Allred/Elliott.
Sired by "Rupp" Hancock 9085 and our of a Cabaniss "Cash" daughter.

Owned jointly with Allred/Elliott

This ram did a masterful job siring the kind we like. If you like sheep with lots of muscle in a shallow ribbed big hipped package, you'll love "Leverage". Expect great things from this one.

Cabaniss 4 11

The ram who was our foundation. this ram was years ahead of his time, has been dead for 7 years and still may be ahead of his time. In terms of structural soundness rib and hip design and elevation throughout the front end, and yet retain muscle and coolness throughout, few rams can compare. 

He has left a legacy often imitated but never duplicated.
(we A.I.'d a handful of ewes to 411 for 2003 lambs).

Cabaniss 31

This great ram was the defining moment in our breeding program. Without a doubt the most prepotent ram we ever used. He worked on every kind of ewe he was ever bred to. His genetics have secured the purple at most major shows throughout the country.

His son's and daughters have been valuable property.
(we also A.I.'d ewes to 31 for 2003 lambs).

focus.jpg (62262 bytes)


Hancock 2115

Elegance is the best way to describe Focus. Maybe the best fronted sheep we have ever produced. Extreme length of underline, and coolness of rib, big flat loin skeletal correctness from nose to tale and hoof to hoof. If you need to lift your chest floors and add some look, look no further than this ram.

2100.jpg (198061 bytes)

Hancock 2100

Miller 244 x 31

Everyone who has seen this ram gets excited. He is unmatched in muscle dimension, yet attractive and elevated. He is tight fronted, excellent hided, huge loined and best of all, he comes equipped with an overpowering hip and stifle.

barron339.jpg (32105 bytes)


Rupp on Miller ewe from Jim Miller

Cabaniss 0076



Supreme Champion ram at the 1995 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. 
This Ram has worked very well on our 31 ewes.

pedigree2.jpg (52256 bytes)


E.T. Ram out of 411 and 31's mother. 

One of the most structurally correct and extended young rams out there.

apex.jpg (53698 bytes)

This big 31 son holds a bright spot in our program.

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